Daylight Energy Ltd specialise in creating and offering bespoke renewable energy systems that can deliver significant savings to homes and businesses, whilst reducing the carbon footprint of the property. We are one of very few companies that are approved dealers and installers for the Tesla Powerwall Battery and provide reliable, good quality energy systems from Panasonic, Solaredge, LG and REC.

What differentiates Daylight Energy from other renewable solutions companies is that we value our customers and always put their needs first. We have over a decade of experience in renewable energy and design all our solutions to be of the highest standard to ensure we help our customers and fulfil all of their needs. The teams’ vast knowledge in renewable & sustainable solutions, home improvements and business management enables us to provide an unrivalled service to the customer, together with competitive rates for quality products and installations.

The bespoke solutions range from small modular Solar PV systems to reduce your energy bills, or battery storage solutions for storing energy during cheaper tariff rates, up to heat pumps to satisfy all of your heating and hot water needs, and large complete off-grid technology packages.

Redheat Solutions is a small team of technology enthusiasts dedicated to providing ways of reducing the carbon footprint & cost of heating homes and businesses.

Redheat is an innovative, ultrathin (only half a millimetre thick), infrared heating film that can be installed on floors, walls or ceilings, underneath plaster, wallpaper, paint, tiles, carpet, vinyl, floor flooring, laminate and more. The flexibility of this material makes installation quick, easy and therefore lower cost.

The high efficiency of infrared radiant heating also means that running costs are kept low, while also providing the added health benefits of Far Infrared, such as increased circulation and stimulated metabolism.

This Redheat film can be used as a complete heating solution, eliminating the need for radiators and associated pipework. Furthermore, if used alongside renewable energy solutions, the CO2 emissions from heating can be eliminated altogether, decarbonising heating.

Redheat is manufactured in the UK, has TUV & CE Approval, comes with a ten-year warranty, is highly damage resistant and works with any thermostat type (wired, wireless or smart).

Officially launched last year, Redheat is already popular with architects, housing associations, schools, nurseries, hotels and holiday resorts across the hospitality industry.